Alex leads the Solutions Engineering team at RStudio.

Outside of work, Alex is a life-long martial arts enthusiast (Tang Soo Do, Small Circle Jujitsu, and Tai Chi). He also loves handstands (calisthenics exercise), and is very into home improvement.

Career Sketch

RStudio Solutions Engineering 2019 -

Data Science + Data Science Manager

Analyst Institute, Booz Allen Hamilton

2016 - 2019

Think Tank Times II

Bipartisan Policy Center, Brookings Institution

2013 - 2016

Grad School (PhD Dropout/MA)

Duke University, Economics

2012 - 2013

Think Tank Times I

Brookings Institution

2010 - 2012

Undergrad (BA)

Wesleyan University, Math + Econ Major

2006 - 2010