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If you know me personally, you know that aside from being a huge data nerd, I am totally crazy about my fiancee, Shoshana. Thus I’m SO happy that I get to build a wedding website for us from scratch.

In order to not have to learn a totally new technology, I set it up as a github project page with a custom URL. A couple of interesting things I’ve learned: * When you’re setting up a website via github pages with a project page, it’s still really easy! On namecheap.com (my preferred domain server), you just set 2 A name records, one each to and and one CNAME record to your main github pages site username.github.io. Then, create a file called CNAME in the repo that includes just the registered domain. Really easy! Wait 5-10 minutes for DNS servers to refresh and you’re good to go!

My namecheap.com setup

The setup in CNAME

  • Setting up a subdomain is really easy. Say I wanted to create a section of my website for the bachelor party available at shoshandalex.fun/bachelor. This is as easy as copying my index.html file to bachelor.html and editing that file to serve whatever I want on the bachelor party page. Makes it really easy to house different content on the sub-pages with consistent style. It’s cool when tools are well designed!
  • Doing RSVP forms in Jekyll isn’t totally trivial. Still working on getting that set up…