RStats NYC 2017

My writeup of RStats NYC 2017.

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Friday and Saturday of this weekend was the 2017 RStatsNYC conference. With the small exception of remarkably uncomfortable chairs, the conference was fantastic (and great food!). There was a remarkable variety in what the speakers covered – from deep thoughts on the ethics and philosophy of doing data science, to some super useful RStudio tips and tricks and everything in between. I decided to take my notes from the two days and post below in case there’s things anyone else might find useful.

One of the remarkable similarities between the speakers was the degree to which many talks focused on process of doing data science. It feels like there’s a lot of room for growth in terms of understanding and standardizing best practices of doing data science.

Deep Thoughts

Many of the speakers shared some great nuggets of insight into doing data science that extended far beyond simple lessons about R. Some of my favorites below.

The Past, Present, and Future of Data Science

Data Science as Business Intelligence (and Empathy)

As a ______
I want ______
So I can ______ 

How to Live-Tweet an Event (a great aside)

Live tweet: conference hashtag, @speaker, picture, positivity {{< tweet 855792361527541760 >}}

How to Hackathon

Open Source and Package-Building

Interesting Research

There were only a few presentations of actual research projects — but the ones presented were really wonderful.

Statistical and Programming Tools

R Packages to Investigate

There were so many neat R packages mentioned over the course of the conference. Here was a short list of ones I didn’t know and wanted to look into.

Generally Helpful Programming Hints, tips, and tricks

RStudio Hints, Tips, Tricks

The RStudio folks gave a great presentation on some tricks and tips in RStudio. Some of my favorite takeaways:


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